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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 24 IncestThey pulled into Palmers lot around noon,unloaded Jodies things
then went to the office.
"Hi Bell,your looking good."Jay said
"Well hi there Jay,same to you,been awhile,you taking some time off?"
"Naw,just dropping off my cousins boy Jodie.Jodie,this is Bell,my
dispatcher,the guy that keeps me on the road all the time."
"Hi Bell."
"Hi Jodie,gonna stay with your grandpa awhile?"
"Yeah,guess so."Jodie said.Jay knew from the way Bell's eyes were looking Jodi over that it wouldn't be
long till Palmer knew the boy was here and had a full discribtion of him.
"What ya got for me Bell?"
"Got a run going down South,you want it?"
"Sure,I'll be ready to leave out in the morning."Jay said
Ok guy see you then,ya need anything give me a call."He said and winked.
Yeah,if I need any cock ya mean,thought Jay.It was only a short distance to his folks place so the two of them took off
"You'll like it here Jodie,not as free and open as the farm,but theres fun
to be had here."Jay said.
No one was home,so Jay showed Jodie to his old bedroom and got him settled
"Wanna clean up a little buddy?"
"Yeah,I'd like a shower Jay".Jodie said.The two of them stripped,Jay set the water tempeture,then both stepped
inside,lathering one another.
Jodie took a handful of soap,grabbed Jay's cock running his hands up and
down the shaft.
"Hey,you litle shit,you trying to get me worked up?"Jay said,laughing,
"Looks like it worked ,"Jodie said,pointing to Jay's cock,which had became
erect all ready.
Jay hugged him.placing his mouth over the boys,swapping tongues,sucking his
like it was a cock.The door opened and his dad called out,"Hey,whats going on there?"
"Hi dad,be out in a minute."Jay answered.
The shpwer door slid open and his dad was staring at the two naked bodies."
"damm,now if that aint a sight for sore eye,s".he said,laughing,then he
began strippin off his clothes and stepped in with them.It was pretty
crowded,what with three people bunched to gether."Well,this must be Jodie,hi boy heard a lot about you,welcome home."He
said,hugging the boy.
"Hi grandpa,thanks."he said.
Jay was behind his dad,he could feel the cheeks of his ass pressing against
his cock,he knew his dad was teasing him.
His dad was looking down into Jodies eyes,then kissed his soft boy lips and
Jay knew the man's tongue was buried in his young mouth,the ole man never
wasted any time.
Jay had told him about his grandpa and what to expect,so the boy was not to
surprised.He looked down between them and saw that his dad hand a handful of the boys
cock and balls,his own hard cock between the boys legs.
His cock was pressed between the cheeks of his dad's ass.Moving back,he
lathered it up,pressed the head to his dad's fuck hole and entered him as
the man continued kissing Jodi.
It was something new to him,his dad usually was the one to do the
fucking,but his cock felt pretty good in his warm hole.His dad had turned Jodie around and picked him up as Jodie wrapped his legs
around his grandpas wist and hung onto his neck.
Jay reach around hid dad,guiding his cock between the cheeks of Jodies ass,
as the man then pressed upward,filling the boy's tight hole with hard cock.
The man and boy were still kissing as Jay moved in and out of his dad's
ass,his hands around him pinching Jodies nipples.Jay could have held back,but went ahead and shot his load up his dads male
cunt,pulled out and washed himself off before turning the water off and
stepping out,giving the man and boy more room.
As he dried off,he watched his dad plowing his cock in and out of that tight
boy hole,Jodie was loving every inch of hid grandpas cock.
Jay wondered how many times the boy had been fucked by his other grandpa and
dad,plenty he guessed.His dad stepped rom th shower,still holding Jodie with his cock still buried
up his tight little ass,then walked to the bed,laying the boy on his
back,never letting his cock slip out.
He had Jodies legs bent down beisde his head as he once again began to pump
his cock in and out of his hole.Jay thought of how sexy the boy looked as the ring of his ass hole rolled in
and out as he was being fucked.
He noticed his cum oozing from his dad's ass and quickly pressed his mouth
over the hole,sucking his cum in his mouth and swallowed,licking his dad's
ass as he continued fucking th boy,not an easy task what with a guys ass
pumping like mad.Just for meaness,Jay rammed his finger up his dad's ass,founf his
prostate,pressing inward.
His dad yelled out,shooting Jodies ass full of warm cream,before collapsing
ontop of the boy.
When he finally got his breath,he kissed the boy again and said,"Welcome to
the family Jodie.,and smiled down at him."happy to be here grandpa."Jodied said,smiling back.
He was a pretty savay kid for his age.
The all dressed,then his dad took them out to eat,his mom was working second
shift today.Jake and Joe were in the diner when they entered and took a table.
Both came over and hugged Jay,kissing him.
"Good to see you again boy,we miised ya."Joe said,rubbing Jay's back.
"You gonna be around long Jay?"Ned asked.
"Just over night,then have to head out again.
"Stop by before you leave,like to talk with ya".Joe said
"Ok Joe,sure will."Jay amswered.After lolita russia pre teen they had ate,Jay stopped to talk with them awhile as his dad
said,"We'll go on ahead Jay,take your time."
"Ok,I'll be along shortly."Jay said,waving as they lolita 10yr nonnude pics went out the door.
"Been along time boy,Ned said,as he massgaed the cheeks of Jay's ass.
"Sure has,you two been doing ok?"
"Oh pretty good,but not as good as when you were around."Joe said and
winked.Ned had stopped Lonnie the owner and was talking with him as he looked over
at Jay and Joe,he saw Lonnie grin and shake his head yes.
Ned came back and said we could take the back room to talk private,no one
was using it this evening.
The three wnet back and Jay notice Ned locking the door.
Joe hugged Jay,kissing him on the mouth as Ned beagn to undress."Been to long boy,sure have missed that sweet ass of yours,I still day dream
of the first time I fucked you,my but you had a sweet little ass,all tight
with tthat bubble butt."
"Yeah I remember Joe,and I remembe Ned's dick to,you guys reall fucked my
ass off back then.
"We want some of that ass again boy,that ok with you?"
"Sure,why not,after all,aren't you my two favorite unckles?"Jay said and
laughed.They had Jay stripped in no time and all three had there naked bodies
entwined,kissing,lickin and sucking.
Ned sat on the table as Joe filled Jay's ass with that huge dick of his,then
Ned reach for his head,pulling him down on his cock.
Ned had always loved the way Jay deepthroated him."Boy,it felt great feeling Joes's cock filling his love hole again,just like
old times.
He had lathered his cock with saliva and was aloowing Ned's cock to stretch
his throat open and slide down the tube.
"Aw shit boy,ain't no one can do that like you ."Uuuummmm!"Ned moaned.
"His ass is just as good as ever Ned,just bigger."Joe said and laughed
Jay wound up with a load of cream up his shit chute and one down his throat
before they were through.As his uncles started dressing,Ned aked if Jay would mind taking on Lonnie.
"I took the liberity of saying you would if he let us use the room."
"Guess the guy deserves that much at least,huh,Jay said,laughing.
The men went out and soon after Lonnie came in.
"Boy Jay,those guys have told me more stories about the three of you fucking
when you were a kid.I've wanted to fuck you for years."He said,as he slipped
out of his clothes."Well,now's your chance."Jay said,smiling at the man.
When Lonnie draped his pants over the chair and turned around,Jay gasped at
the sight of the mans cock.
Other than in pictures,he had never in his life seen a cock that size and he
had taken some big ones.
It had to be every bit of eleven inches and as round as a beer can,no wonder
one of his uncles never took him on ."We're going to have to lube that up Lonnie,thats some big cock."Jay said.
"Sure Jay,sure."Lonnie said,Jay could tell the man was overly excited.
He retrieved a can of crisco,dipped his fiingers in and swapped his cock
with it,watching as Jay worked a good amount up his ass.
"Now take it slow and easy Lonnie,don't get all carried away."
"Ok Jay,ok",the man said as he licked his lips,staring at Jay's ass.Jay spread his legs wide as he lay his elbows on the table."he felt Lonnies
shaking hands parting his cheeks as his cock pressed between them.
The head touched his puckered hole,spreading him open,burning as the nerve
ends stretched wider than they had ever been stretched before.
Jay gritted his teeth as Lonnie pressed forward.His insides felt as though
they were being completely reshaped.Lonnie was prancing like a young stud,whimpering as he moved his dick in
farther and farther.
"Shit Jay!Shit Jay!,sob,sob.huh,huh,huh!
Lonnie had a vise gripp on Jays hips as he began fucking like it was either
his first piece,last piece or both."
"It's so good!It's so good!I love your ass jay!I love it!."The man
stammered.Jay was beginning to love the man's cock also,damm,he felt full as he was
being stretched out,even his prostate was being massaged roughly,making piss
leak from his dick as he faught to keep from cumming.
"Aw Jay!Aw Jay! Awwwwwwww!Aw fuck,fuck,fuck!!The man cried.
Then his cock exploded denching Jay's insides with more cum then he thught a
dick could ever hold,at the same time shooting his own cream on his thighs
and the floor.
But Lonnie never pulled out,he just went on fucking till he had shot lolita russia pre teen
load up Jay's ass.ASfter removing his cock,he could not thank jay enough,it had been so long
since he had fucked anyone.He kept repeating how greatfull he was before Jay
told him he needed to clean up and would he leave him alone for lolita bbs great bbs awhile.
Lonnie was still thanking young lolita models pussy him lolita model nn pics as he went out the door.
Jay quicking picked up a cup from the table,squatted and held it under his
ass as he strained slightly,pressuring to release Lonnies cum.
When he thought he had most of it,he placed the cup to his lips and drink
every drop,the man had really had a wad.Jay returned to the house expecting to take a nap,when he walked in the
kitchen his dad and Bell were setting at the table drinkin a beer.
Jay knew full well what that meant,Palmer was here somewhere.
"Whats up guys?"he said.
His dad smiled,saying,Palmer I guess" and they both laughed.
"He sure as hell necer wasted anytime did he."Jay said."Hey,you know how he is when there's a new kid on the block."Bell laughed.
"Yeah,I should know he lolita girl lesbian pic tore my ass up at the ripe age of ten."
"I'm going to get some sleep,see you guys later."
As Jay passed his dad's bedroom door,he peeked in.Palmer was mounted on top
of Jodie,pouring that long cock to the boys ass.
Jay had a flash back of when Palmer worked his young ass over with that
beauty.But then Jay wanted all the cock he could get then and still did.He
suspioned that Jodi was of the same mind.Jodie looked as though he were enjoying every inch,the kid was lolita 10yr nonnude pics as big a slut
as Jay had been at his age,
"Either come in or shut the door boy."Palmer said, as he continued pumpin
cock to Jodie.
Jay enter,pulling the door to and waked over beside them,grabbed Palmer by
the head jerking his head back, smashing his lips to his in a hot profound
kiss.then let him go and walked back out,hell he had to get some sleep.His old room was the same with one added touch,he could smell his mom's
aroma on the pillows and it made his cock begin to rise,just the smell of
her could still do that to him.
Jay stripped off naked and lay on the sheets,thinking about how he had
fucked his mom,it seem like it was only yesterday,then in the young girls lolitas nude blink of an
eye he was asleep.He remembered dreaming about his mom and the time hid dad was fucking him
the first time he ate her pussy,it was a fitfull dream.
He could smell her again,even feel her body against his,the feel of her
thighs on top of his,her lips pressed aginst his as her tongue searched the
inside of his mouth.Her hand gripping his cock,stroking him.
His eyes suddenly poped open and his mom was there kissing him."Wake up sleepy head."She whispered then kissed him once again.
It was no dream,she was stark naked,pressing her warm pussy against his
thigh as they kissed.
He held her back as he bent his head,taking one of her large nipples in his
mouth,the ones he loved to suck as a a baby.
Sucking and biting both,listening to her lolita girl lesbian pic
moan with each bite."Oh baby,your mama has missed you,make me feel good liked you used to
baby,make your mama happy."She purred.
Jay rolled her off,then slid down between her lovely thighs,smelling the
aroma of her pussy as he stuck his nose inside,then followed with his
tongue,tasting her.
He took his time,tonguing her pussy and licking her ass,taking turns
enjoying each hole."Oh baby,if you want some of this you better craw lolita underage, young lolitas
up here and get it because
I'm going to cum soon."She said,as she rubbed his head.
He wanted her to cum,but he wanted it in his mouth so he continued sucking
and tonguing.
"Oh Jay baby,your to late!I'm cu..m..ii.nn..ng!Ggguurrraaaggg!
Her pussy flooded,as he sucked fast to get it all,she only done this when
she was really aroused.
Jay had 14 your lolitas pic not enjoyed any pussy juice as good as hers since he had left home.When her belly had stopped twitching,he mounted her,buring his cock in her
wet pussy and began pumping the bone to her.
Her legs wrapped around him,as her arms hugged him tight with her showering
him with wet kess'es.
They had fucked so long they were both drenched in one anothers sweat.
Finally he felt her body stiffeing again.
"Hurry baby,hurry,cum with me Jay,cum with me!She moaned.
Her son oblidged her and they came in unison,his cum filling his mom's sweet
They fell asleep in one anothers arms,both totally spent.When he awoke,she was gone and he wondered if it had all been a dream,then
he saw her panties on the floor,picked them up holding them to his nose and
mouth,sniffing the aroma of her cunt,chewing the crotch as though it were
As he chewed,she appeared in the door.
"Get out of that bed,you need more nurisment then that."And they both
laughed.Jay visted through breakfast,went in and kissed Jodie as he slept,then said
his good bys,kissed his mom and went out the door saying,"Tell dad I'll
catch him next time."They both knew what he meant.
Ah hour later he was back on the road...
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